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About Financial, Legal & ID Theft AFM

This program is designed to help members save on financial planning, legal resources and protecting identities from theft.

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Association Benefits

Consumer Discounts

Financial Counseling

Through My Secure Advantage (MSA), HD members and eligible family members have all the resources needed to feel confident about financial goals in any stage of life – be it growing a family, buying a house, caring for aging parents, or planning retirement.

CLC Legal Access

Through the CLC Legal Access program, our members have access to free initial legal consultations and discounted services to address many common legal concerns. Members also receive simple will preparation and access to online legal resources at no additional cost.

CLC ID Theft & Fraud Resolution

Members and family receive identity theft and fraud resolution services through CLC, Inc. The CLC identity theft resolution program was developed to help guide victims of identity theft and other fraudulent crimes through the complex process of restoring their personal identity, credit rating, financial security, and legal integrity. This benefit includes ID Monitoring, Fraud Restoration, Document Preparation, Lost/Stolen Purse or Wallet Services, Financial Coaching, and Legal Consultation.

Monthly Rates

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How to Enroll

Coverage Selection

  • Visit to set up your account.
  • Click Enroll on your first selection
  • Select coverage level on dropdown
  • Scroll down to bottom of page for additional selections
  • Verify coverage level is correct for each product
  • Click Continue

Check Out

  • Complete required information denoted by red asterisk
  • Review effective date(s) for each product
  • Fill out and click Save Dependent for each dependent
  • Completed dependents will show up on the right side of the screen
  • Review and Check the Authorization Section


  • Click Send Link under Signature and fill in Cell Phone or Email
  • Review, Approve and Sign Your Document message will be sent to Cell Phone or Email
  • Review your enrollment information, check any applicable boxes, sign, type your name and click Accept
  • Go back to enrollment site and wait until you see Signature Document Received in a green box
  • Click Submit and you will see a Confirmation screen

Immediately upon enrollment, you will receive a Welcome Email for each product you selected with details on your membership.

For any questions during the Enrollment process, please contact Member Services at (214) 436-8869.